for a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a nebula must collapse. so collapse. crumble. this is not your destruction, this is your birth.

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full name date of birth family occupation education orientation + status tattoos isla laurel greene (nee castiel) june 18 + twenty-nine luka collins, lorene, dinah and laurel castiel, suong lee-windrow. mma/self defense/krav maga teacher, part-time florist Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Management Concentration (BSBA) kinsey 2 + Married left ribcage, right hand, inside of right wrist, back of left arm, & wedding ring

how it beganIsla Castiel was born in Mississippi to two very young, very unprepared parents. Her mother, Lorene, was only seventeen when she had Isla, but she insisted on carrying her child full term until the day she was due. Her father, Luca, was no help, either. He worked on a cattle farm and was there from dawn until dusk, and by the time he'd come home to Lorene's parent's house in the evening, he was shitfaced and incapable of helping with his newborn daughter. If it weren't for Lori's parents, Isla's grandparents, she most likely wouldn't have made it past infancy.

Growing up, she rarely considered her real parents to be her mother in father. In fact, she disregarded them as parents entirely and went to her grandparents for anything she needed. When she became old enough, her real mother turned out to be more like an older sister, and while she would never trust Lorene for any life advice, she could go to her for other reasons. Luca was in and out of their lives on a constant basis, and if it weren't for her grandparents, she and Lorene would never have anywhere to live with the minimum wage salary her mother worked for. Having Isla straight out of high school meant no college for her mother, which was a devistating blow considering she would have had a full ride on a soft ball scholarship.

When Isla was sixteen, she ran away from home, stealing her fathers dirt bike that was parked in front of her grandparents' house. She rode that as fast and as far away from home as she could to get away from the fighting between the family. Internal discord had caused her to have anxiety and she felt like she was the reason everyone was always fighting. Isla loved her family, but the constant screaming and yelling made it hard for her to enjoy being home. She settled in with her aunt, Dinah, who lived an hour north of home. Frantically calling all members of the family, Lorene finally reached Dinah and her sister lied to her, telling her that she had not seen or spoken to Isla since last Christmas. Isla begged her aunt not tell tell her folks where she was and reluctantly, Dinah agreed.

A couple of days after Isla arrived, her grandmother showed up unexpectedly. Scared and thinking she had come to take her back home, she began crying hysterically, begging her grandmother not to make her leave yet, and to her surprise, she agreed. Laurel Drake had shown up with a suitcase full of Isla's most worn clothes, her leather jacket, and her beloved stuffed bear, given to her when she had her tonsils out at the age of nine. Isla asked why she was doing this, and her grandmother merely suggested that she deserved better than what her mother and father were giving her. She agreed to keep her secret safe and not tell her folks where she went, as long as Dinah agreed to take her out of state and care for her as if she were her own daughter. Dinah agreed, and as much as it pained Laurel to say goodbye, she kissed her only grandaughter and promised to talk to her real soon.

early on At the age of 19, Isla found herself living in Boston, MA, where she and Dinah opened up a florist shop together called Sherwood Florist. She had graduated a semester early and devoted her time to helping her aunt run the shop, as well as working down the street at a local gym. During the three years that she had lived with her aunt, she reconnected with her mother, but not her father. They wrote to each other occasionally and she even visited once on Christmas. It was hard to sit down with her unprepared mother to explain all that led up to her leaving, but Lorene understood. Eventually, after her husband died, Laurel moved north to be with her daughter and grand daughter, and not long after that, Lorene followed and together, the four of them lived under one roof. Laurel retired early and helped around Sherwood Florist to keep herself busy, and on the weekends, Lorene helped out so Dinah had days off.

The four were split up when Dinah married her first husband, Larry and moved in with him. She kept the business running and he was always lending a helpful hand whenever the girls needed him to. Isla took to him as if he were the father she was never able to have and he taught her everthing she knows today. In his youth, Larry Wilde was a bare knuckle boxer. He sparred underground for money in his free time, but his day job was as a police detective. He was thirty-seven when a shot to the chest after he won a rigged fight stopped him from sparring, but he kept up with the hobby in his spare time. After meeting Isla and seeing her potential, he became a bit of a mentor to her and began teaching her the basics of fighting. "A pretty girl like you should know how to defend yourself," he'd tell her. Isla proved to be a worthy opponent, often giving Larry a run for his money. She went on to MMA and eventually stepped down from her position as a florist to a professional martial arts instructor.

relationships After attending community college for two years, Isla dropped out when she met and fell in love with an Anthropology professor named Craig Windrow. Once again running away, they traveled together. Only eight months into their whirlwind romance, Craig proposed to Isla and she said yes. Her family held no ill will towards Craig, but urged her to be smart about her decisions and take things slow. Three months after his initial proposal, Craig and Isla eloped and went on to honeymoon in Asia.

They traveled through Asia for almost a year while Craig worked and Isla soaked in all the culture. Wherever they stayed for lengthy periods of time, she made friends with the locals and absorbed as much of her surroundings as she possibly could. While Craig worked, she spent her days teaching English to the children in their village, or learning new types of martial arts and fighting techniques at the local dojo's she came across. Isla was in heaven living and traveling through Asia.

After returning home to Boston, Isla and Craig bought the space just above Sherwood Florist to make a home out of it. They spoke often of children and what their lives would be like if they had a real family, though both of them knew the painful truth about Isla not being able to have kids. They tried several times, and Isla had even taken fertility drugs in order to help her, though not once did this show any signs of success. Craig, being a decade older than her, urged that they tried harder so he was able to leave behind a legacy. Isla spent months dealing with her own depression and anxiety over the fact that she would never be able to give Craig what he wanted and she beat herself up over not being enough for him. Eventually, they decided that their best bet was to adopt and that's where Cyn came into the picture.

Within a year of adopting their five year old daughter, Craig and Isla were constantly at each others throats. He drank, she never slept, and they showed no respect towards the other as parent, let alone human beings. She spent most nights with Cyn at Dinah and Larry's house, hiding from her verbally abusive husband while he holed himself up in his office and drank until he blacked out. On the rare occasion that they were on good terms, Isla would send Cyn to stay with her family while she and Craig tried to rekindle their romance through a weekend alone together. This worked for a while until Craigs drinking got out of hand and he became more than just a verbal threat. After he broke two of her ribs and left her with a bloody nose, Isla put Craig in the hospital with injuries twice as bad as her own and served him with divorce papers the following week.

wildecat Two years passed and Isla rarely spoke of Craig or what happened to their marriage. Larry was the only person who ever got any answers from her, and it took a lengthy sparring match to get her to talk. However angry he may have been at her marrying such a horrible person, he was more excited to tell her the good news. He was quitting the force and buying a run down warehouse where he used to fight. Nervously, he put the offer of co-ownership on the table for Isla to mull over, but without heistation, she agreed. After three years of hard work and dedication and more rennovations than they were prepared to take on, Wildecat Fitness Center opened on April 10, 2013.

Isla takes her work very seriously. She runs a program for troubled young women and teaches them self defense and various martial arts. She has become prolific in all areas of fighting, but never stops learning. Her goal is to be able to teach other women to stand up for themselves the way she was able to against her husband. She used her experiences to empower them. Her very first group of students became some of her closests friends, and on the weekends they kick ass as the roller derby team known as Birds of Prey.

one. two. three. four. five. six seven. eight. nine. ten. eleven. twelve. thirteen. fourteen. fifteen. sixteen. seventeen. eighteen. nineteen. twenty. Dinah Drake Lance was the original Black Canary. Laurel was the middle name of Dinah. Larry was Dinah's fathers name. Sin was Dinah's adopted daughters name. Sherwood Florist was the shop Dinah owned after moving to Seattle. Green Arrow/Oliver Queen is her long term love interest. Wildcat/Ted Grant is her mentor. Shows expert skill in a dozen kinds of martial arts. Skilled motorcyclist. Canary Cry (CV week only). Shows skill in archery. Can wield a bo staff. Naturally brunette, bottle blonde. Blue eyes Peak physical form 5'7" Tough and idealistic. Not a fan of cats. Doesn't eat poultry or eggs of any kind. April 10 (Wildecat's grand opening) is Dinah's birthday.
» Until she moved to boston, Isla was a natural brunette. She began bleaching her hair when she began college, trying to use it as a stepping stone towards creating a better version of herself.

» Within the next five years, Isla is slated to become to sole owner of Sherwood Florist so her aunt can retire early and travel the world.

» Isla's daughter, Cyn, was 5 years old when she and Craig adopted her and brought her into their lives. Their marriage fell apart within the year following that and he sometimes blames bringing a child into the mix on the downfall of their relationship. Isla loves Cyn more than anything.

» After running away at the age of 16, Isla learned to take care of herself. She was still being taken care of by her aunt once the dust settled, but from then on she decided that independence was the way she had to go.

» When she did run away, she took her fathers beat up dirt bike and found herself fascinated with it. A little known fact about Isla is that she knows basic mechanic skills when it comes to dirtbikes and motorcycles, having taught herself when she wound up in one of many jams. Cars on the other hand, completely baffle her.

» She claims to be a 'natural born fighter' and it was her uncle Larry that believed in this. Larry was a well known bare-knuckle boxer and heavyweight champion and he taught Isla all she knows. He gave her an outlet for her aggression and taught her how to focus and project it in the right manner.

» Wildecat Fitness is one of Boston's most well known centers for self defense. Isla began teaching her first self defense classes as a side gig whenever women from domestic cases were referred to her. Now they are teaching classes twice a week with groups of 10-20 women.

» Isla has a very strong maternal instict, which is why she feels so strongly about teaching self defense. This extends beyond work and spills into her home life, as well. She's very selective about the friends she keeps, especially those she keeps close, because she knows how easily she can wear herself thin when it comes to being overly nurturing and caring for other people.

» She has a horrible taste in men, and a penchant for those who lose interest in her quickly.

» Has taken aerial crafts classes for months and has even performed at a burlesque show.
» CANARY CRY: Dinah possesses a potent sonic attack, able to damage and stun foes or objects. Can shatter metal and glass, as well as crumble concrete and cement. She possesses an incredible degree of control over her vocal chords. This enables her to mimic and generate any sound she desires. The Canary Cry can reach up to 300 decibles and has the ability to make a persons ears bleed even when they are not the target.

MARTIAL ARTS: One of the most skilled fighters on the planet. Trained by Wildcat, who was previously the heavyweight champion of the world. She was also trained in Dragon Style Kung Fu and pressure point fighting, the latter of which has made her a suspect for murder. Dinah is also a novice in Amazon martial arts.

» TACTICAL ANALYSIS: Considered a strong leader and strategic thinker, which has led to her being made Chairwoman of the Justice League.


» CANARY CRY BOMBS: During the time she was without her actual Canary Cry, Dinah carried round bombs that would emit a similar loud sonic sound.

» PEAK ATHLETIC FORM: In her physical prime, she's a very agile woman, with some acrobatic abilities and quick reflexes. Black Canary is a formidable opponent for any hand-to-hand combat.

» MOTORCYCLE: Both Dinah and Isla possess levels of skill in motorcycle riding.

» MARTIAL ARTS WEAPONS: While Dinah is skilled in using several kids of martial arts weapons from her extensive years of training, she favors hand-to-hand combat versus anything else. However, if she is to use weapons, her weapon of choice has always been the bo staff. She currently possesses a two-piece collapsible staff.

» RECHARGABLE WINGS: Using her Canary Cry, Dinah is able to fly short distances with a pair of attachable rechargable wings made for her by Condor. Her cry has always been able to propel her, but now she can use it mid-flight to charge her wings in order to stay air-born.
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The Gemini Woman Key traits ‣‣ adjustable, enthusiastic, soft-spoken, versatile, witty, intellectual, superficial, lack of decision making ability, lack of direction, anxious.

The strength of the Gemini women lies in their vibrant personality and positive outlook. Gemini-born is known for their striking characteristic of double thinking (Divided between two choices), which others have to deal with.

The Gemini women love to travel a lot as it offers them with an exciting opportunity to go to various places, meet people from diverse areas of life, and in the process gain some valuable experiences and amplify the horizon of their knowledge. However, there will be times when you will be unsure of which path to take in life, such as whether to do a job or whether to start your own business.

These ladies are smart and can impress people with their astute cleverness and charm. Like their male counterparts, the Gemini women are good communicators and excellent at interacting with people.

birds on her ribcage, a symbol of her freedom.

small bat from cv week for bruce.

three arrows from cv week for kate, helena and oliver.

birds from cv week for the birds of prey.